Fish in a Flash


When I told my daughter we were having fish for dinner on Monday, she replied “Yucky, I hate fish!”  Fast forward 6 hours-the fillet of tilapia was gone from her plate!

Mustard and Herb Crusted Trout

I made this recipe with tilapia instead of trout because:

  1. The Mansfield Stop and Shop didn’t have any trout
  2. The tilapia looked the best in the fish case and was on SALE!

I didn’t have any fresh sourdough bread so I substituted in whole wheat dry breadcrumbs.  I thought I had dried tarragon in the pantry, but of course I didn’t check before going grocery shopping and when I went to make the fish I was all out!  So another substitution had to be made-I used a Parmesan Herb seasoning instead.

I cooked the fish in the oven at 450 for about 10 minutes, but then broiled it to get the crust a little more crunchy and browned.

Overall this was a definite “make again.”  Fresh, light, and a much-needed change from all the holiday overeating!!



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