Dreaded meal planning made easy (well easier)


When wasting time playing Words with Friends one of the ever present ads caught my eye–Food on the Table.  It is available as an app for the iPad and iPhone as well as on the internet.

Planning meals for the week is one of my most dreaded chores.  It takes me as much time (if not more) to plan the meals for the week as it does to go grocery shopping.  This app allows you to link up to 3 local grocery stores.  Then the user selects food preferences-food types (chicken, beef, etc) and entree types (salads, soups, crock pot dishes, etc).

The user can then choose to find recipes in three different ways.

  1. Based on what is on sale at their local stores
  2. Based on food types
  3. Based on entree types

Once the user selects a recipe, they can increase or decrease the number of servings and the app will recalculate the needed ingredients.  Once the recipe is added to your weekly meal plan, you can go to your “grocery list” and view all the ingredients needed for the week.  The app gives you the option to check off items you have at home or to add other items in very broad terms (deoderant, cereal, breakfast bars, etc).

Unfortunately, the free app only allows you to plan for 3 meals a week.  You can subscribe to the app/website and plan meals for the entire week and view thousands of chef-picked recipes.  I’ve used the app this week to plan a few recipes….let’s see how the taste!!


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