Sunday night letdown


As I was running out the door late this morning, I realized I had to thrown the beef into the crock pot or else we wouldn’t be eating until 9pm.  Ooops….the beef roast was still hanging out in the freezer!!  I had to find a plan B.

I was in the mood for a warm ‘wintery’ beef roast, so I quickly found a recipe for a beef pot roast.  It looked simple enough and included only a few (but big flavor) ingredients–red wine, onions, beef broth, thyme, carrots, and potatoes.  Along with the beef that is.

I let my dutch oven get super hot before I browned the meat.  I sautéed the onions, added the rest of the ingredients (minus the carrots and potatoes) and threw it into the oven.  Simple!  Within minutes my house smelled of wine, thyme, and onions!!  Yum!  90 minutes later I threw in the carrots and potatoes and stuck it back in the oven for another hour.

Sadly, the beef was not as tender as I would have liked it to be.  Maybe it was because I didn’t trim the layer of fat before I cooked it (but I did sear the fat really well). But, in my non-professional opinion, I think the roast could have used another hour in the dutch oven.  And the ratio of carrots to potatoes was way off.  There were way too many potatoes and not enough carrots in the recipe for my family.  But the flavor of the cooking liquid was super tasty–I was soaking it up with my biscuits!!


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