A weeknight dinner in France


Today was an ‘extra Sunday’ as I so fondly refer to Monday holidays!  Thank you Dr King for all you did!

I took this opportunity to make Provencal Beef Daube from Cooking Light.  It is a crock pot recipe but the prep time does not lend itself to a typical week day morning.  The prep includes chopping ‘the trinity,’ resisting the open bottle of red wine, marinating the beef, reconstituting the porcini, and sauteing the beef!!  Phew!!  But given all the prep work it was worth it!!

My changes:

  • Omitted the parsley (only because I didn’t have any)
  • Used pre-crushed tomatoes (2 cups)
  • Omitted the olives (I’m the only olive lover here!)
  • I didn’t sprinkle any herbs on at the end (I prefer not having to explain what the green things are to my almost 4-year-old)

I loved the flavors in this dish.  The whole peppercorns gave off their flavor without adding spice.  The orange rind added something special to the dish.  While I couldn’t taste the orange, I did note that the spice combination was new to my palette.  With the crushed tomatoes and red wine, it almost tasted like a slow cooked marinara sauce.

Definitely a make again!



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