Sushi with my favorite girl!


I’ve been terrible with posting lately.  Work has picked up and I find myself writing more reports, IEPs, and emailing colleagues at home than ever before!  I have also enrolled in an online course and have only done 1 unit so far!  Ahhhh!!

Last Friday my favorite girl (my big 4 year old) and I went out for sushi.  Our weekly Friday night at Jimmy’s had been canceled so I had nothing left in the house to feed my kid!  I gave her the choice of any restaurant (besides Red Robin since we had been there only 3 days earlier).  She wanted to “Go back to the restaurant we went to for Christmas that had pirate coloring” a.k.a Kyoto in Mansfield.  I was psyched!

Sushi is a luxury I don’t dine on often enough.  My family went to Kyoto for the first time on Christmas Eve.  My brother who lived in Taiwan for 2.5 years and my parents who eat sushi regularly in the NY area were quite impressed.  All the fish was tender, fresh, and scent-less!  We ordered the Sushi Party boat which consisted of 12 pieces of sushi, 36 pieces of sashmi, and 2 chef’s special rolls.  It was ALL gone and we had to order more.  I loved the “Sexy Girl.”  The plate came out designed as a beautiful woman using the sauces and the roll as the hair.

This time I went with just my daughter so I didn’t dare order a whole party boat myself!  But I did order the “Captain America” roll.  It was on the daily special menu so I can’t give the exact ingredients but I do remember it included tuna, several other fish, mango, and spicy mayo!  I also order the most expensive sashimi on the menu-well it wasn’t even on the menu.  The waiter offered it as a suggestion and now I can’t even remember the name!

My daughter enjoyed the “Philadelphia Roll” (avocado, smoked salmon, and cream cheese) along with her bento box.  The box came with chicken or shrimp tempura, 3 pork gyozas, 3 “California Rolls,” and udon noodles.  And on the side was a cup of miso soup.

We both enjoyed everything!  The miso soup was just the right amount of tofu and spinach with the distinct soybean broth.   The gyozas were teeny tiny and the perfect size to pop right into your mouth.  Like I said before, all the fish was fresh, tender, flavorful, and scentless!  The rolls were creative and the mango in the Captain America Roll was the perfect amount of sweetness.

I can’t wait to go back!


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