Sunday Roast


I love Sundays.  The laid back day, coffee drinking until 10, breakfast in our jammies, and the smell of a roast cooking away for hours!

Tonight I made Roast Chicken with Maple Pepper Glaze and Sweet Potatoes.  We always buy a 6-ish pound bird, so Eric will have leftovers for the week.  But I can never time the cooking.  I figured about 2 hours for the bird, but didn’t think about the sweet potatoes!  So I had to take the sweet potatoes out half way through.  (But I threw them back in with the rest of the glaze while the bird was resting.)  So….since I can’t time the cooking just right yet, we ate dinner at 5pm tonight!! EARLY!!

As my daughter said so perfectly “It smells like french toast!”  And it did….the sweet maple syrup, the butter, and the sweet potatoes…mmmmm!!  The skin was beautifully brown and crispy.  The bones pulled right out of the legs and the breast meat was tender.

The only downfall was when the knife slipped and sliced right into my finger! (At least I got out of bath time tonight!!)


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