Quick cooking “Thanksgiving”


So Emma and I just got back from a great vacation to visit my family in NJ.  And last week we had the infamous “bug” going around work, so needless to say I haven’t cooked in almost 2 weeks.  I was craving getting behind the stove, chopping, sauteing, baking, anything!!

So tonight I made Sage and Pecan Pork Tenderloin Cutlets.  They were delicious!!!  Not many times does a recipe meet my expectations, but this one exceeded them!!

Picture from myrecipes.com

The pork was super easy to make.  Cut the tenderloin into 8 chunks and pound until fairly thing (think 1/4 inch).  The recipe recommended dredging the cutlets in the breadcrumb mixture, then into egg, and back into the breadcrumbs.  Next time, I’ll do flour, egg, breadcrumbs.  The cutlets got so thick and goopy with all the breadcrumbs.  The breadcrumb mixture was so flavorful!  Breadcrumbs, chopped pecans, and rubbed sage.  I threw it all into my miniprep processor and ground it up!  The only thing I would add is more sage next time.  When the cutlets were cooking it smelled like Thanksgiving in my kitchen-the pecans, sage, oil-mmmm!!!

The sauce was the perfect combination of sweet and tangy and just the right consistency.  I didn’t have any red wine vinegar so I mixed 1 part red wine to 3 parts white wine vinegar.  I bought a fairly expensive blackberry preserve but it was totally worth it, especially since all the flavors reduced to a yummy sauce!

I served the pork with the sauce drizzled on top and a few fresh blackberries tossed on there.  On the side we had Alexia roasted rosemary potatoes and glazed carrots.  I made my husband a plate for when he gets home, we’ll see if it lasts!!


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