Homemade Ice Cream a 4 year old can make!


Earlier this week I came across a recipe for banana chocolate chip ice cream.  It sounded too easy and delicious to be true!  So of course I had to try it.


While I had a few hours to myself today while my daughter was at summer camp, I found myself aimlessly roaming the aisles of Target.  (Monday was Bed and Bath, then there was iParty, Kohls, and even the Christmas Tree Store–it’s been a $$$ busy week!)  Thanks to my ever so dependable “supah smaht” phone I was able to find all the ingredients at Target.
Emma and I spent a quick 10 minutes making the ice cream together this afternoon.  It is so easy my 4 year old was able to put it all together.  She chopped the bananas and chocolate and pureed it in the blender.


The only substitution we made to the recipe was to use Lindt’s Dark Chocolate Bar with Coconut.   I thought the dark chocolate and the coconut would give the ice cream a richer flavor and more depth.   Emma ate up her scoop in record time!


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