Heidi is a 31 year old wife, mom, and special educator.  She has been obsessed with all things food since college.  For her 18th birthday she received a pasta maker.  And for her 21st, her first set of stainless steel pots and pans.  Needless to say adding items to their bridal registry was one of the highlights of the wedding process for Heidi.

This July Heidi received her first copper pot.  She has been checking out the copper pots at William-Sonoma for several years now.   Heidi’s mother found an almost mint condition copper double boiler at her local parish’s rummage sale.  Her mother scored it for a mere $5.  Heidi has seen similar ones on eBay for $99 (but in much poorer condition!)

Heidi would love to eat out more frequently but her waistline and wallet would not forgive her.  Her and her husband enjoy splurging every now and then and embarking on chef’s tasting menus!

Now Heidi has the challenge of working full time and putting a meal on the table that will satisfy a 4 and 32 year old, as well as her own snobbish palette.  Most nights are nothing to write home about, but when it is….you will find it here.


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