Wines & More

  • This is my absolute favorite place to buy booze!  The name says it all wines and more.  The store gives a discount if you buy a case of wine-love!  The store also lets you make your own six-pack of beer (and gives a discount on that too!).  The staff are very knowledgeable of their booze and super helpful without being pushy or snobby.  Just last weekend a gentleman helped me pick out 3 amazing beers.  My favorite was Summer Saison–a light beer with strawberry and rhubarb

Tastings Wine Bar and Bistro

  • A local favorite!  I love all the local ingredients that are used here.  The farms and dairies are generally listed in the description of the plate.  They also have amazing wine flights and specialty cocktails.
  • Updated 7/10/12–In the past 2 years there have been 3 different GM’s and 2 head chefs.  Not sure what’s going on here, but I’m hoping the quality of the food stays the same!

Whole Foods-Dedham

  • This store has the best meat, cheese, and wine departments!  My daughter loves going back to the Fromagerie and tasting all the new cheeses.  The staff are patient with my daughter and give her plenty of attention (as she does ask for the cheeses by milk and hardness!)

Scrabble-Cooking Edition

  • Just finished playing my newest board game with my husband.  A twist on the original in that players receive extra points for all sorts of food related words and abbreviations.  Players also get “recipe” cards which gives them ‘extras.’  It was harder to make food words than I thought!

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